A Flea in Her Ear
by Georges Feydeau
Directed by Jason Collins

WHEN: January 25 at 2:00pm
WHERE: Limelight Theatre (11 Old Mission Avenue, St. Augustine, FL 32084)

Come spend a hilarious evening in Paris’s most notorious hotel, The Frisky Puss, where the bourgeoist of the bourgeoisie let their peccadilloes out to play. Propriety takes a vacation, and ribaldry rules the roost, as a colorful cast of characters runs amok through the corridors, leaving chaos and occasionally clothing in their wake.

Matuza Mainstage
March 20 – April 11, 2020
Preview Night: March 19
Terrific Tuesday: March 24

• Headshot & Resume
• Conflicts until April 11, 2020
• Please be prepared for cold readings from the script.


  • Victor Emmanuel Chandebise: M ( 40’s-60’s) Serious, successful businessman. Manages a life insurance company in Paris.
  • Raymonde Chandebise: F ( 30’s-60’s) Wife of Victor. She should be elegant, charming,scheming, jealous, and insecure
  • Luciene Homenides de Histangua F (40’s-60’s) She is Raymonde’s dearest and oldest friend . they are thick as thieves
  • Camille Chandebise: M (20’s) young nephew of Victor. *To play this character Camille must speak his lines without consonants only the vowels in each word of his dialogue.
  • Romain Tournel: M (mid 30’s-mid 40’s) works for Victor wants an affair with Raymonde. He thinks he’s a ladies man.
  • Dr. Finache: M (late 40’s-60’s) Victor’s right hand man. Chief medical officer for Victor’s business: The Boston Life Insurance Company
  • Carlos Homenides de Histangua: M (Late 30’s- 50’s) Overly jealous lover and husband of Luciene.
  • Etienne Plucheux: M ( 50’s-60’s) Butler to Victor. Husband to Antionette.
  • Antoinette Pluceux: F (30’s-50’s) Cook of the Chandeblise home. Wife to Etienne She is alert, sarcastic, clever. Has her flirtatious eye on Camille.
  • Augustin Feraillon M ( 40’s-60’s ) Owner of the Hotel PussyCat. Former Sergeant Major of the 29th Infantry Regiment. Now runs a hotel.
  • Olympe: F (30’s-60’s) Wife to Augustin. Devoted and lovely. Her money allowed Augustin to begin his hotel business.
  • Poche: M ( same as Victors) The same actor who is playing Victor will play Poche. Poche is the porter at Hotel Pussycat. He’s a drunk. He gets beat often.
  • Baptistin: M or F ( 50’s-70’s) Very old, poor health employee of Hotel Pusscat. Used as a decoy when police raids come.
  • Eugenie: F (20’s-30’s) An upstairs maid.
  • Albicocco : M. (30’s-50’s) Confused guest of the Hotel Pussycat. * This character’s lines are in Italian.
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