Character Descriptions

Annie Oakley: Young, spirited country bumpkin who is an exceptionally good shot with a rifle. She transforms from dirty illiterate to the star of Buffalo Bill’s show by virtue of her expert marksmanship and sunny disposition. (This role has already been cast.)

Buffalo Bill Cody: Emcee of the traveling show. Retired old west military man. Huge presence, showman. Baritone.

Frank Butler: Leading man. Best marksman in the world – until Annie comes along. Masculine and romantic. Lyric Baritone.

Dolly Tate: Frank’s original partner in the show. Wild with jealousy over Annie’s success. Somewhat racist. 37 years old. Belter.

Charlie Davenport: Stage manager of the traveling show who ends up reluctantly paired with Dolly. Seen it all roadie. Capable, direct, exasperated with the craziness of the tour. Baritone.

Winnie Tate: Dolly’s pretty younger sister and chorus girl in the show. Falls in love with and marries Tommy Keeler – a scandal. Dancer. Light belter.

Tommy Keeler: Half Irish / Half Native American who is a knife thrower in the Wild West Show. Marries Winnie, much to Dolly’s dismay. Dancer. Light Baritone / Tenor.

Chief Sitting Bull: Very dignified Sioux Indian chief of great renown. Works in the Wild West Show. Adopts Annie as his daughter. Dryly hilarious. Non‐singing role.

Pawnee Bill: Buffalo Bill’s primary competition. A somewhat oilier, less respectable version of Buffalo Bill.

Foster Wilson: crusty old hotel manager. Grump who’s got an eye for a buck. Non‐singing role. Featured Ensemble.

Mrs. Sylvia Potter‐Porter: an elegant society lady. Non‐singing role. Featured Ensemble.

Mrs. Schuyler Adams: Socialite lady, any age. Non-singing, except chorus.

Running Deer: Native American Indian chief. Non-singing, except chorus.

Eagle Feather: Native American Indian chief. Non-singing, except chorus.

Mac: Manager of props for Wild West Show. Non-singing, except chorus.

Jessie: Annie’s younger sister. Singing / acting. (8 – 10 yrs)

Nellie: Annie’s other younger sister. Singing / acting. (10 – 13 yrs)

Little Jake: Annie’s younger brother. Singing / acting. (8 – 10 yrs)

Additional Ensemble of Cowboys, Indians, Porters, Roustabouts, Socialites, Kings and Queens, etc.




When: Saturday, July 13th at 2:00pm

(Registration begins at 1:30p, auditions will begin promptly at 2:00p)

Where: Limelight Theatre | 11 Old Mission Avenue | St. Augustine, FL 32084

Production Dates: September 19 – October 20, 2019

Music & Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Book by Dorothy Fields and Herbert Fields

Directed by Missy Schmotzer | Music Direction by Shelli Long


Rough-and-tumble Annie Oakley is the best shot around. A backwoods gal, Annie uses her skill to support her family by selling the game she hunts. When she’s discovered by Buffalo Bill and persuaded to join his Wild West Show, Annie is plucked from obscurity and becomes the toast of Europe. Annie meets her match in Frank Butler, Buffalo Bill’s leading man and star marksman. She falls head over heels for Frank, but soon eclipses him as the main attraction in the show. 


The role of Annie Oakley is pre-cast. All other roles are open to audition. Please see character breakdown for description of roles available.

Bring headshot, resume, and be prepared to perform cold readings from the script. Actors should bring 16 bars of an upbeat Broadway song, with sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. No recorded tracks. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for dance portion of the audition.

Rehearsals will begin the first week of August.