Will Kidder (Lead) – AGE: 60-70- He is an old burly man trying to keep his family together through hard times.
Lily Dale Kidder (Lead) – AGE: 60 -70 – Nervous and teary and trying to cling to religion in her desperation.
Pete Davenport (Supporting) – AGE: 70-80 – Kind and patient step-father to Lily Dale.
Tom Jackson (Supporting) – AGE: 30-40 – Nice and amiable co-worker of Will Kidder.
Carson (Supporting) – AGE: 25-35 – Acquaintance of Will and Lily Dale’s son.
Clara (Supporting) African American – AGE: 40-60 – Maid for Kidders.
Miss Lacey (Featured Role) 40-60 – Will Kidder’s secretary.
Ted Cleveland Jr. (Featured Role) 40-50 – Will Kidder’s boss.
Etta Doris (Featured) African American – AGE: 70 – former neighbor of Lily Dale’s

The Young Man from Atlanta
by Horton Foote
Directed by Mike Beaman

WHEN: November 2 at 3:00pm
WHERE: Limelight Theatre (11 Old Mission Avenue, St. Augustine, FL 32084)

Horton Foote’s 1995 Pulitzer Prize winning play is a compassionate and often humorous portrayal of a Houston family whose lives are changed forever when a visit from a young stranger forces them to examine their beliefs and reveal their closely guarded secrets all while coping with the death of their son.

Matuza Mainstage
January 17 – February 9, 2020
Preview Night: January 16
Terrific Tuesday: January 21

Sponsored by The Stetson Kennedy Foundation

• Headshot & Resume
• Conflicts until February 9, 2020
• Please be prepared for cold readings from the script.
• Please be ready to use a Texan dialect.

AUDITIONS: November 2 at 3:00pm
NO AUDITIONS | Roles Pre-Cast
AUDITIONS: January 25 at 2:00pm
AUDITIONS: March 7 at 12:30pm
AUDITIONS: May 9 at 1:00pm
AUDITIONS: May 30 at 2:00pm